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Allendale, a residential neighbourhood in south-west Edmonton, Alberta, is named after the Allen family, farm owners in the community in its earliest years of existence. The city of Strathcona annexed Allendale in 1907. The neighbourhood is bounded by 104 Street to the east and the Canadian Pacific Railway right of the way, 109 Street on the west. Its southern boundary is 61 Avenue and on the north is 70 Avenue. Allendale’s community league has represented residents since 1955. The league maintains tennis courts and an outdoor rink, and operates a community hall next to Allendale Junior High School.

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Residential development started before the end of World War II. According to the 2001 federal census about 9% of homes were built around this time.


Edmonton’s municipal census in 2012 listed Allendale’s population as 2,722 living in 1,538 homes. Its land area measures 0.88 sq km (0.34 sq m) producing a population density of 3,093.2 people per sq km in 2012.


Just under half of Allendale’s homes were built between the end of World War II and 1960. A third of the residences date from the 1960s and 1970s. Few houses have been built since 1980. According to the 2005 municipal census — from which all the following figures are derived. Seven out of ten are single family houses, by far the most common construction type in the neighbourhood. Some 15% are rental apartments in low-rise buildings of under five storeys. Duplexes made up around one in eight of the accommodations recorded in the census.

More than half the homes were rented and 46% owner-occupied, the census found. Allendale’s population was shown to be comparatively mobile. Just over one in five residents had moved within the last 12 months. About a quarter had moved to their address in Allendale in the previous one to three years. The number of people living in the same address for five years or more was 38.1% of the population.


Allendale has one school, the Elementary Junior High School, operated by the Edmonton Public School System.


The neighbourhood is eminently walkable because of its central location close to key transport links, Whyte Avenue and the downtown core. House values are lower than in neighbouring communities to the west and the north making Allendale a favourite for families looking for a central location that shows good value. Whitemud Drive is close by and 109 Street offers fantastic routes into the heart of the City of Edmonton. Allendale has a flourishing array of building projects contributing to a community on an upward path.

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