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On the south side of Edmonton between the two branches of the Mill Creek Ravine, you will find the residential neighbourhood of Argyll. Its boundaries are the ravine on the north east and west sides, and to the south and south east it shares its boundaries with Argyll Road. Avonmore and Hazeldean are two other neighbourhoods that are located on the other side of the Mill Creek Ravine. There is a sport’s centre in the community too, named Argyll Sports Centre that has a velodrome and is closely located to the community league. The Argyll community league is located at 88 Street and 67 Avenue and maintains a hall and has a playground close to its grounds.

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An industrial subdivision is located on the other side of Argyll Road called Coronet Addition Industrial and another neighbouring industrial estate called Davies Industrial West. This will home the new LRT station named Davies Station + Park and Ride. When completed an expected rise in prices will follow as reported by many experts that study transport linked prices to homes.


The majority of the residential development (93%) was carried out between the end of World War II and 1970. The most common style of home is detached single family dwellings. There are few renters, and most of the homes are owner occupied.


According to the City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census, the population of Argyll was 853 living in 353 dwellings. This was a 5% increase from its population of 812 recorded in 2009. The land area measures 0.36 km2 (0.14 miles2), having a population density of 2,369.4 people/km2 according to the statistics of 2012.

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