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Avonmore is in the south east part of Edmonton. The community is a residential neighbourhood, largely consisting of residential homes. Avonmore gets its name from Algernon William Yelverton, 6th Viscount Avonmore, who was a priest from Ireland. The community league in Avonmore was founded in September 1957.

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The shape of Avonmore is of an irregular quadrilateral bounded to the southeast by Argyll Road, the southern west is bordered by Mill Creek Ravine, to the north by 76 Avenue and the east side of Avonmore stops by 75 Street. The surrounding areas to the neighbourhood include both residential subdivisions and industrial areas. The community to the north of Avonmore is King Edward Park, which is a residential subdivision. The industrial areas to the east and southeast of Avonmore are the industrial subdivisions of Girard Industrial and Coronet Addition Industrial. The three residential neighbourhoods that separate Avonmore by way of the Mill Creek Ravine are Argyll, Hazeldean and Ritchie.

Avonmore Community league

This community league had a quick rise from its inception in 1957 with a new hall being built for $13,800 at 78 Street and 73 Avenue, called the Avonmore Hall. In the 1970s more buildings started to get planned for, with the second structure being a sports complex, with construction ending in 1975. The league worked in partnership with the schools in King Edward Park and Avonmore to create a playground in the neighbourhood. The play area was at 73 Avenue and 79 Street and used over 200 different sized tires to construct. At the time it was a one-of-kind playground but was deemed unsafe in 2012 and dated too. Plans for a new playground commenced in 2012 and a new spray park and playground were finished in September 2014.


The school that is in Avonmore is the Avonmore School, which is an elementary and junior high school. The Nellie McClung Program for Junior High Girls has its home at this school.


The City of Edmonton carried out a municipal census in 2012. It reported that Avonmmore’s population was 2,087 of which lived in 1,016 dwellings. This was a -2.5% change from its last stated population of 2,141. The land area incorporating Avonmore is 0.9km2 (0.35 miles2), having a population density of 2,318.9 people/km2 according to the City of Edmonton’s municipal census in 2012.

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