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A short drive, walk, or LRT ride away from the University of Alberta makes Belgravia a great place to live. Great outdoor activities and a south-central location create a prime living experience for active and young people alike. If you decide to live in the city, this community will not disappoint.

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Community Highlights

Although known for its location near the University, Belgravia has many highlights for all types of lifestyles. You’ll find all amenities within reachable distance with the McKernan Belgravia LRT station next to the community.

  • Trails and Parks
  • Off-Leash Park
  • Outdoor Art Park
  • Equestrian park
  • Local Cafe
  • The University of Alberta north of the community



Belgravia School

Like most South-central Edmonton locations, more schooling and education options are a short distance away.


One of the best perks of living in either of the sister communities (Belgravia/McKernan) is the LRT station in the middle. Edmonton’s LRT station is an amazingly efficient and green choice for traversing the city.

A couple of main roads around Belgravia to note:
122 St
113 St


Belgravia truly has a great variety of options to offer. Single-family and condos are abundant, but this community also has you covered if you want something more significant. Many 2-4 family homes are listed frequently.


Ever want to be more like our neighbours across the pond? Well, now you can, kind of. The name Belgravia comes from a section of London in the 1900s. The perfect excuse to have tea and biscuits is to celebrate Belgravia’s European heritage.

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