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Belgravia is a residential neighbourhood that is located close to the North Saskatchewan River, and the southwest of the University of Edmonton. The name was given to the area after the affluent Belgravia in Central London. Once this area was the terminus of the Edmonton Radial Railway. At the northwest corner of 114 Street and 76 Avenue you will find the McKernan/Belgravia LRT Station and is located to in the neighbouring community of McKernan adjacent to Belgravia. The community has a well-established community league, that was created in 1954, which you will find at 115 Street and 73 Avenue.

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Belgravia overlooks the North Saskatchewan River valley to the west. Belgravia Road is at the community’s southern boundary, and Fox Drive is the boundary where Belgravia overlooks at the southwest portion of the neighbourhood. Belgravia then zig zags on the southeast boundary along 118 Street and from the intersection of University Avenue and 115a Street, and then to the intersection of 114 Street and 76 Avenue. Finally, the eastern boundary is located at Belgravia Road (114 Street) and 76 Avenue. Windsor Park is another river hugging community, that is to the north of Belgravia, the University of Alberta is conveniently located to the northeast, making this a great place to live for students, and the Neil Crawford Centre and University of Alberta Farm are directly to the south.


The City of Edmonton carried out a municipal census in 2012 and measured Belgravia’s population to be 2,141 living in a total of 974 dwellings. This happened to be a -1.8% change from the last population statistic measured in 2009 of 2,180. The land area measures 0.87 km2 (0.34 miles2). The population density in relation to the 2012 statistics measures the density to be 2,460.9 people/km2.

Residential Development

Around three out of four residences are occupied by the owner. Most houses in the neighbourhood were built prior to 1961. The most common style of home in Belgravia is the single-family residence, that accounts for 72% of the units in the community. Last measurement accounted for an average of 2.4 people per household, with around two out of three houses having one or two people.


Belgravia has many benefits from its location. It is serviced by the McKernan/Belgravia LRT Station. The station was added to the LRT network on April 25, 2009, and the commencement of regular service started on April 26, 2009. The community is also close to the University of Alberta campus and University of Alberta Hospital that has a network of buses that frequently carry passengers to and from the area.

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