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The residential neighbourhood of Empire Park is in southwest Edmonton. The major shopping center, Southgate Centre, is in west end of the community.

The boundaries of the neighbourhood to the south is Whitemud Drive, at the west by 111 Street, to the north by 51 Avenue, and the east is bounded by Calgary Trail. Whitemud Drive provides great access to locations in the west of Edmonton, including West Edmonton Mall. Also, the Calgary Trail road provides easy access to destinations in the south of the city, including the Edmonton International Airport providing access to international and national destinations. Not forgetting 111 Street, that provides access to Whyte Avenue, the downtown core, and the University of Edmonton.

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Housing and Development

The 2001 federal census states that most of the development in the residential sector in Empire Park happened during the 60s and 70s. Around one residence in five (21.6%) was built between 1961 and 1970. Just over half the residences (53.4%) were developed between 1971 and 1980. About one residence in seven (14.1%) was built during the 80s. Most of the residential development was substantially complete by 1990.
By far the most common type of residence in the neighbourhood, as recorded in the 2005 municipal census and according to this study, is the apartment rentals. It is recorded that approximately one residence in three (34%) are apartments in high-rise buildings with five or more stories. The statistics for apartment buildings in the low-rise category, consisting of fewer than five stories, amounts to around two residences out of every five (38%) according to the same 2005 municipal census. Houses that are categorized as row houses account for approximately one residence in five (21%). The remaining houses that make up this community are duplexes including triplexes and fourplexes amount to one in twenty-five (4%) and single-family homes at the time of the census amount to around 3%. It is a largely rented community with only around one residence in twenty being owner occupied (6%), with the rest being rented accommodations (94%).


Empire Park is a highly mobile community. In the 2005 municipal census and according to this study, one in three residents (33.8%) had moved within the previous twelve months. Then one in three (32%) had moved within the previous one to three years. Residents who had lived in Empire Park in the same address for five years or more made up around one in four of the residents (23.7%). The Southgate LRT Station serves this community

Schools and Community League

Two schools are located within the boundaries of Empire Park. The schools are L. Y. Cairns School and the McKee Elementary School.

The community league was established in 1968 and is named the Empire Park Community League. It has a community hall and maintains an outdoor rink for hockey in the winter. The location of the hall is between 107 Street and 48 Avenue.


The City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census stated that Empire Park had a population of 5,186. Out of these residents they lived in 2,467 dwellings, a 7.9% change from the population recorded in 2009 that was 4,808. The area covering Empire Park is 1.07 km2 (0.41 sq mi), and the recorded population density was 4,846.7 people/km2 in the year of 2012.

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