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Glenora is a residential neighbourhood overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley on the north side of Edmonton. The community has its boundaries at the east on Groat Road, to the north by 107 Avenue, the west by 142 Street and the river valley and the MacKinnon Ravine shares its boundary to the south. The neighbouring communities to Glenora are Westmount, which is immediately across the Groat Road to the east and northeast. North Glenora neighbours Glenora to the North and the community bordering to the west is Westmount. The final neighbouring community is Crestwood, that is at the southwest of Glenora. The Glenora Community League has represented this community since its establishment in 1949 and has not only a community hall, but maintains tennis courts, basketball courts and an outdoor rink too. You can find this the community league hall at 136 Avenue and 104 Avenue.

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Glenora is rich in history and was originally a river lot farm homestead owned by Malcolm Groat, the reason for Groat Road’s name. The land’s ownership changed many times and ended up in the possession of a wealthy grain merchant from Montreal called James Carruthers in 1905. At that time, the city ended at the ravine which is now where Groat Road is situated. Carruthers wanted to make the area a residential neighbourhood but had problems with commuters. The City of Edmonton and the owner came to an arrangement that he would build a bridge across the ravine, if the city would agree to extend the streetcar service to the area. An agreement was reached but not without some back and forth negotiating. The city settled for a 20-foot-wide bridge and a donation of land, primarily seeking a 40-foot-wide bridge at the time. The bridge was named Carruthers bridge, and completion occurred in 1910. It is situated at 102 Avenue and carries itself across the ravine. This was the start of the development of Glenora and the catalyst for the ability to construct the new official mansion for the lieutenant-governors of Alberta, Government House, which began at this time and was completed in 1913. In the same year of completion, Edmonton had a real estate crash. It slowed real estate construction considerably, but the elite locals wanted to live close to both the river valley and the governor’s mansion, not forgetting the streetcar system that made this community extremely mobile and accessible. Typically, mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere, winds pass from west-to-east making the community of Glenora’s air quality better, than Boyle Street, a streetcar suburb just east of Downtown Edmonton. This shares the same characteristics of the West and East Ends of London, England.

Places of Interest

The old location of the Royal Alberta Museum was in Glenora and overlooked Groat Road and the river valley. As stated previously, Alberta Government House still calls its home Glenora. Being the official home to the first six lieutenant governors of Alberta. Its uses now are government conferences, as well as receptions and dinners. Due to its historical significance, the Government House Foundation was fostered by 12 volunteers appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The Royal Alberta Museum opened in 1967. It was originally named the Provincial Museum of Alberta. The name was officially changed on May 24, 2005, when “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” gave consent to assign the designation ‘Royal’ to the Museum during the Alberta Centennial visit she made. Closed in December 2015, the museum moved to downtown.

Directly below Alberta Government House and the old Royal Alberta Museum is the Government House Park.


The City of Edmonton carried out a municipal census in 2012, noting Glenora’s at 3,514 living in 1,546 dwellings. This was a 2.8% increase from its last recorded population of 3,419 in 2009. The land area of Glenora is 1.63 km2 (0.63 miles2) and having a population density of 2,155.8 people/km2 in 2012.

Residential Development

Approximately nine out of ten homes in Glenora were built by the 1970s. About four out of five homes are owner occupied. Single family residences make up around three out of four of the dwellings in the neighbourhood. The average household in Glenora is made up of 2.4 people and approximately two out of the three households having one or two people. One out of five homes are high-rise apartment buildings. The remaining homes are almost all low-rise buildings in the apartment class.


The average income in Glenora is on average higher per capita than the city of Edmonton as a whole. Around one in three Glenora homes have an income greater than $100,000 per year.


There are two schools operated by the Edmonton Public School System. They are Glenora Elementary School and Westminster Junior High School. The Edmonton Catholic School System takes care of the St. Vincent Elementary School. There is one private school located near the northeast corner of the community called the Progressive Academy.

Proposed Development

Five high-rise condominium towers have been proposed in the community, consisting of between 10 and 18 stories. The location is at the west end of Glenora, close to the intersection of 102 Avenue, 142 Street and Stony Plain Road. These buildings could have up to 330 apartment units and the plans consist of the first two floors dedicated to non-commercial use. There has been some opposition to these proposals from the residents of Glenora, and the community of Grovenor, whose location is immediately to the west of Glenora.

At the time of writing the Glenora Community League Civics Committee is drafting a “Glenora Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and Strategic Plan”.

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