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Grandview Heights is a residential neighbourhood located in southwest Edmonton. The land the subdivision has been built on has been owned by a family named McCauley since the 1880s.

The neighbourhood shares its boundaries with the North Saskatchewan River valley to the north, the Whitemud Creek Ravine to the west, and the University of Alberta farm is on the south and east boundaries. You can gain access to this community via road access through 122 Street from the south. The north access is through Belgravia Road (after it changes into 122 Street). It is one of the only communities in Edmonton that doesn’t have any adjacent neighbourhoods, despite its central location. Landsdowne, Brookside and Belgravia are geographically close. The community established a community league in 1961, name Grandview Heights Community League, which is located at 63 Avenue and 126 Street. The league has tennis courts and a hall.

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The City of Edmonton carried out a municipal census in 2012. It measured Grandview Heights population at 1,090 and living in 366 dwellings. This was -4.1% change from its 2009 population that calculated the population at 1,137. The land area of 0.56 km2 (0.22 miles2), making its population density 1,964.4 people/km2 in 2012.

Residential Development

In a federal census conducted in 2001, the neighbourhood had around 17 of out 20 residences built in the 1960s. Most of its residential units (95%) are single family houses with almost the remainder being made up of low-rise apartments consisting of fewer than five floors. These remainder units are largely rental units. The single-family houses are almost all owner occupied in the neighbourhood.

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