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Greenview is in the Mill Woods area of southeast Edmonton. It is in the Woodvale community of Mill Woods and located to the south of the Mill Woods Golf Course.

It is represented by the Woodvale Community League, established in 1980. The league has been an active member in the Woodvale Beautification Project. The hall is located at 50 Street and 45 Avenue, and the league maintains an outdoor rink too.

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Residential Development

Greenview’s residential development mainly occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, with approximately ninety eight out of hundred (97.9%) of all residences being built in these decades. Most homes (72%) in Greenview are single-family homes according to the 2005 municipal census. Just under two out of five (18%) are townhomes. The remaining 10% are split between apartments in low rise buildings with fewer than five storeys and duplexes. It has been suggested that approximately eight out of ten (83%) of all residences are occupied by their owners and the rest (17%) are rented.


The Greenview Public School is the single school in the neighbourhood. There is a well-regarded outdoor hockey rink in the area, where high level hockey is played. Will Edmonton have another Connor McDavid?


The population of Greenview of 2,927 living in 1,080 dwellings was measured in the City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census. This was 1.3% lower than the 2009 population. With its land area measuring 0.98 km2 (0.38 square miles), having a 2012 population density of 2,986.7 people/km2.

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