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Hazeldean, a residential neighbourhood in south-east Edmonton with retail outlets, cafés and a pub, overlooks the popular Mill Creek Ravine. The ravine marks Hazeldean’s eastern perimeter. The north portion of the district is bounded by 72 Avenue, with 99 Street to the west and 66 Avenue on its southern boundary. Hazeldean Community League was established in 1955 and represents this south side community. The community hall at the junction of 96 Street and 66 Avenue is close to a water park and playground. Hazeldean’s population was 3,176 people living in 1,531 dwellings, according to the 2012 City of Edmonton municipal census. Land area was put at 1.13 sq km (0.44 sq m) representing a population density of 2,810.6 per sq km.

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Hazeldean is also served by Doctor Gerald Zetter Care Centre, an auxiliary hospital and continuing care centre. The strip mall in Hazeldean has a number of shops, cafés and a pub. Lucy’s Bakery, a firm supporter of the community, provides memorable treats in the tradition of the company’s previous owners.


Homebuilding started just before the end of World War II, according to the 2001 federal census. Some one in eleven or 9.2% of residential accommodations were built at the time of the census. Most Hazeldean homes date from the period 1945 to 1960. One in ten were listed as being built during the 1960s and a further 6.5% after 1970. Based on this 20-year-old data, it is now assumed that many of the older houses have been knocked down to make way for densification. While the lots lend themselves to both duplex builds and subdividing making way for more than one single family dwelling on a single family lot.
The most common type of home recorded in the 2005 municipal census was the single-family unit with around four out of five in this category. Row houses, at about one in seven (15%), were the next most frequent type. Duplexes made up the remaining 2%. Around two out of the three are defined as owner occupied and the rest rented. It is a comparatively mobile community with around 18% of residents moving within the last 12 months, according to the 2005 census. It also recorded around one in five (20.3%) of the population moving within the previous one to three years. Just under 50% had lived for five or more years at the same address.


The community has two schools. Hazeldean Elementary School, administered by Edmonton Public School System, has an impressive baseball diamond and playground in close proximity. École J. H. Picard School, located on 99 Street and 72 Avenue, is a Catholic French Immersion high school and forms part of the Edmonton Catholic School System. Residents have close access to the Argyll Sports Centre in the neighbouring community of Argyll to the east and the trails and recreation facilities of Mill Creek Ravine.

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