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Jackson Heights is one of several communities that finds its location in the Mill Woods area of Edmonton. It is a residential neighbourhood located in the Burnewood area of Mill Woods. It was named after Annie May Jackson, who became the first female police officer employed in Canada and worked for the Edmonton Police Department. She was appointed in 1912.

The Burnewood Community League represents the neighbourhood and was established in 1981, maintaining both a hall and a rink. The league is located at 41 Street and 41 Avenue.

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History and Development

Being a newer community, most of the construction occurred after 1990.

Single-family homes make up the most common style of housing in the community. Accounting for just under nine out of ten (88%) of all residences in the neighbourhood. One in ten (10%) are rowhouses in Jackson Heights. These two styles of homes make up most of the residential units in the community, and most homes are occupied by their owners.

Schools and Recreation

There is one school in the neighbourhood. It is operated by the Edmonton Public School Board and is Jackson Heights Elementary School.
The Annie May Jackson Park is located at 311 Jackson Road NW.


Whitemud Drive shares its boundary to the north, and 50 Street is bounded to the west. The south east is bounded by a utility corridor that goes through 40 Avenue and the east of the intersection of 50 Street and the 34 Street intersection and Whitemud Drive, and lastly the southern end carries down a block along 40 Avenue. The Edmonton Transit System services this community with multiple bus stops and carry the 68, 760, 775, 778, 784, 785, 917, and 918 bus routes.


The City of Edmonton recorded Jackson Heights population at 3,930 living in 1,270 dwelling in its 2012 municipal census. This was 4.8% lower than its 2009 measurement of population scored at 4,130. The land area of this neighbourhood measures 1.27 km2 (0.49 miles2), having a population density of $3,094.5 people/km2 in 2012.

Surrounding Neighbourhoods

There are several residential neighbourhoods that surround Jackson Heights and some light industrial subdivisions too.
The residential neighbourhood of Kiniski Gardens is to the south east, to the south west is Greenview, and it shares a short boundary with Minchau to the south at the southwest point of Jackson Heights.

The Industrial subdivisions are Pylypow Industrial that is to the north of the neighbourhood, Roper Industrial is north west, and lastly South East Industrial is located to the north east.

Mill Wood Golf Course is close by and located to the west.

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