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Mill Woods is the area where the residential neighbourhood of Kameyosek is located. It finds itself in the Lakewood community of Mill Woods. The name comes from the Cree language meaning “the beautiful”. The community is bounded by 66 Street to the east, 34 Avenue to the north, Mill Woods Road on the west, and 28 Avenue to the south. The community is represented by the Lakewood Community League that has its community hall located at 260 Lakewood Road East. The league maintains an outdoor rink as well as their community hall. The hall contains a commercial kitchen, and the hall can be rented.

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The community of Kameyosek had a 2012 municipal census carried out by the City of Edmonton, measuring its population of 2,907 living in 1,171 dwellings, a 7.2% increase from its 2009 population of 2,712. The land area measures 0.72 km2 (0.28 square miles), having a population density of 4,037.5 km2 in 20212.

Population Density

The 1970s was the decade where most of the residential construction occurred. Just over two out of every three (67.8%) residential units were built. Approximately a quarter of the remaining homes (24.7%) were built in the 1980s.

There is a mixture of housing in the neighbourhood according to the 2005 municipal census. Townhouses are the most common and account for one out of every two (50%) home in the community. The second most common type of home accounting for just under one in three (32%) residences is single-family dwellings. Rented apartments are somewhat common (16%) in both high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings and duplexes are less common accounting for 1% of all residences. Approximately half the units (53%) are occupied by their owners and the remainder are rented.


According to the 2001 federal census the average household was 3.1 persons in size, with a household size mixing in variety. Two in five residences (39.7%) have one or two people living in them. Just under one in three (31.8%) have four or five persons, and one in five households (21.6%) have three persons.

Just under one in seven (15.6%) of residents moved to the community within the last twelve months, and one in four (26.3%) made this community their home in the previous one to three years. While just over two in five (41.6%) residents had lived in the same residence for five years or over.

Schooling & university

There is one school in Kameyosek named Kameyosek Community school and is operated by the Edmonton Public School System.
Until 2014, MacEwan University’s South Campus building operated in the neighbourhood. After this time the university decided to move their operations to the main downtown campus after the Alberta government’s announcement to add extra funding for their Centre for the Arts and Communications. The Cardinal Collins Mill Woods campus has since been repurposed on this land in 2019 and is part of the Edmonton Catholic School System.

Shopping & Services

The residents of Kameyosek have great access to the Mill Woods Town Centre shopping centre located at the south east of the neighbourhood of Mill Woods Town Centre. The neighbourhood is west of the neighbouring community of Tawa, where the Grey Nuns Community Hospital is, as well as the Edmonton Police Service’s South East Division Station. To the south, in the Mill Woods Parks, is the Mill Woods Recreation Centre.

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