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Ottewell is in east Edmonton and is a large residential neighbourhood. The name of the community comes from the Ottewell, who settled in the southside of the river in the 1880s, making them among the first settlers in this area. The boundaries for Ottewell are 75 Street on the west, 50 Street to the east, by 90 Avenue on the south, and lastly 98 Avenue and Terrace Road to the north. The Ottewell Community League represents the community and is located at 59 Street and 93A Avenue. It maintains both an outdoor rink and the hall.

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The City of Edmonton carried out a municipal census in 2012, measuring Ottewell’s population of 5,869 living in 2,721 dwellings. This was a -2.5% change to the 2009 population of 6,019. The land area of Ottewell is 2.58 km2 (1.00 mile2), having a population density of 2,274.8 people/km2 going by the statistics in 2012.

Development History

It has been reported that over 80% of the construction in Ottewell happened during the first fifteen years succeeding to the end of World War II, and most of the neighbourhood’s residential development was complete by 1980.

The most common style of housing measured in the 2005 municipal census, falls into the detached single-family style. This type of dwelling account for just under eight in ten (79%) of the residential homes in Ottewell. The next most popular type of residence and measured at almost one in eight (12%) of residential homes is low-rise apartment buildings consisting of properties with less than five stories. A small percentage (4%) of duplexes are found in the community while 5% of the homes are in the category of collective residences. It is most common for the homes to be owner-occupied, measuring just over three out of four residences (77%) with the remaining residential units being rented.
The major builder that helped construct Ottewell was Golden Homes. The houses sold for $20,000 new in the early 1960s. There was a sale of a renovated bungalow built in the 1960s going for over $650,000 in 2021. This is over a thirtyfold increase in price.


Six schools call their home Ottewell. The Edmonton Catholic School System operate two, the Edmonton Public School System operate three, and one of the schools is an independent charter school.

The two Catholic Schools are Austin O’Brien High School and after the demolishing St. Brendan Catholic Elementary (demolished in 2014) and other Catholic schools a “megaschool” will be built on the grounds.

The three Edmonton Public Schools are Ottewell Junior High School (1960), Ciara Tyner Elementary School (1966) and the Braemar Public School.
The independent charter school is names Suzuki Charter Native Land.

Services and Shopping

The Capilano Mall is locat
ed at the North-East corner of Ottewell. It opened in 1966 and Safeway and Walmart are its anchor stores.
There is a strip mall named Ottewell Plaza offering a variety of shops including a large grocery store. It is located at the far south of the community.

There are several places to worship in the neighbourhood including Mosaic House Church, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Salvation Army Edmonton Temple, Braemar Baptist Church, Ottewell United Church and Al-Hadi Mosque (Ahmadiyaa Muslim).

Capilano Transit Centre

You will find the Capilano Transit Centre at the southside of the Capilano Mall. The amenities that are offered at the transit centre include a payphone and large shelter. You will NOT find vending machines, toilets or any park and ride facilities at this centre.

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