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Pleasantview, a residential district in south-west Edmonton, lies close to the Southgate Centre, a 50-year-old mall undergoing substantial refurbishment and expansion. The community boundaries are marked by 111 Street to the west and Street/Calgary Trail to the east. The southern boundary is 51 Avenue and the north is at 61 Avenue. Pleasantview Community League, established in 1946, maintains tennis courts and an outdoor skating rink located at 57 Avenue and 109 Street.

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In the City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census Pleasantview’s population came out at 3,755 people occupying 2,075 dwellings. This compared with a 3,853 figure in 2009. The land area of the neighbourhood is listed in the 2012 census as 1.48 sq km (0.57 sq) giving it a density of 2,537.2 people per sq km.


While areas of Pleasantview became part of Edmonton in 1914, actual residential construction in the community dates from the years immediately after the end of World War II. Around one in five residences (22.3%) were constructed between 1946. City of Edmonton map utility shows that some of the oldest homes were replaced in later years with newer properties. Just under half the community’s homes were built in the 1960s and around a quarter in the 1970s, according to 2001 municipal census figures. Many of these homes have made way this century for the infill market, some selling for more than $1m.
Close to half (44%) of homes in Pleasantview are single family units. One in five were rental apartments as assessed in the 2005 municipal census and of these units were high-rise apartments in buildings of five or more stories. One in five were apartments in buildings of less than five stories. The remainder of home types were row houses (8%) and duplexes (can be made up of triplexes and fourplexes) (7%). The homes were split evenly between owner-occupied (51%) and rental units (49%).

Population Mobility

Some one in five (17%) of residents moved into the community within a year before the 2005 Edmonton municipal census. Another one in five (21%) were listed as living in their homes for the previous one to three years. Half the residents (49.8%) had lived in the same address for at least five years

Schools and services

Pleasantview’s only school is Mount Pleasant Elementary and is operated by Edmonton Public School System.
Southgate Centre, the neighbourhood’s major mall, is home to many anchor stores and also has a Safeway on its grounds. It is close to South Edmonton Common, another key retail and leisure hub.
The University of Alberta is easily accessible from Pleasantview as well as the University of Alberta farm, the Neil Crawford Centre and Whyte Avenue can be reached by continuing north on 109 Street.
Southgate Light Rail Transit station is close to Southgate Centre. Pleasantview is served by a wide network of bus routes.

Infill Development

Gentrification is happening in Pleasantview through large-scale infill homes fetching $1m on the open market. Be on the lookout for future projects. Just taking a drive around the neighbourhood offers great insight into what is in the housing pipeline.

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