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Quesnell Heights is the smallest neighbourhood in Edmonton. It is in the west of the city. Bounded to the west across 149 Street and the neighbouring community of Rio Terrace. To the north and east is Whitemud Drive and the southern boundary is the North Saskatchewan River valley. The Rio Terrace Community League established in 1960 represents the community. The hall is located at 155 Street and 76 Avenue, and the league maintains an outdoor rink and tennis courts.

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A substantial amount (83% approximately) of Quesnell Heights’ construction occurred in the 1960s and most of the remainder in the 70s.


Quesnell Heights had a recorded population of 346 living in 124 dwellings, according to the City of Edmonton’s municipal census in 2012. This was 10.6% higher than the previous recorded population of 387 in 2009. Quesnell Heights is the smallest community in Edmonton, and measures just 0.21 km2 (0.081 miles2). The population density was 1,647.6 people/km2 in 2012.


You can get to Quesnell Heights from the 156 Street overpass over Whitemud Drive via vehicle. Another access point is via Rio Terrace and Patricia Heights to the west using the 159 Street interchange along Whitemud Drive.

There is bus service to the neighbourhood via 76 Avenue through Rio Terrace to the west and is operated by the Edmonton Transit Service.
There is a pedestrian bridge over the Whitemud Drive freeway available from Laurier Heights for pedestrian access.


The park that is situated in Quesnell Heights, is close to the geographical centre of the neighbourhood. It is named Quesnell Park and is one hectare in size. It is located between Quesnell Road and Quesnell Crescent.


The last recording of housing was measured in 2005 for Quesnell Heights. All 118 dwellings were single-family houses. Only one was rented and according to the study the remaining units were owner occupied.

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