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Rio Terrace is a residential neighbourhood located in the west of Edmonton. Its western boundary is shared with the neighbouring community of Patricia Heights on 156 Street, bounded to the north across Whitemud Drive and the neighbourhood of Lynwood, another neighbourhood shares its boundary to the east and is Quesnell Heights and 149 Street, and the last boundary to the south is the North Saskatchewan River valley. The Rio Terrace Community League was established in 1960 in Rio Terrace. It is located at 76 Avenue and 155 Street and has a community hall, tennis courts and an outdoor rink.

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While development started in the 1950s in Rio Terrace, most of its construction (approximately 70%) occurred in the 1960s.


The City of Edmonton conducted a municipal census in 2012. It measured Rio Terrace’s population at 1,305 living in 509 dwellings. This was 2.1% lower than the population measured in 2009 of 1,333 people. The land area measures 0.58 km2 (0.22 miles2), having a population density of 2,250 people/km2 in 2012.


To gain access to Rio Terrace via vehicle, the neighbourhood is limited to the 156 overpass over the freeway, Whitemud Drive, and the interchange alongside Whitemud Drive via Patricia Heights on 159 Street at the west.

The Edmonton Transit Service provides bus service to the neighbourhood via 76/159 Street to the west through Patricia Heights and via 156 Street to the north.


There is one school in Rio Terrace named Rio Terrace Elementary school, operated by Edmonton Public Schools.

Amenities And Facilities

The location of Rio Park is in Rio Terrace. It has a playground and is located between 76 Avenue and 76A Avenue and to the east side of 156 Street. The neighbourhood is in a great location and overlooks North Saskatchewan River valley to the south edge of one of its boundaries.

The one church located in Rio Terrace, is the Rio Terrace Moravian Church. You will find it on 76 Avenue.


Last records stated in 2005 that all the 501 dwellings in Rio Terrace were single-family homes, and only 20 were rented out.

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