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Ritchie is a community nestled in the south east of Edmonton, Alberta. The name comes from the former mayor of the City of Strathcona and original owner of Ritchie Mill, Robert Ritchie. The neighbourhood has great access to the Mill Creek Ravine and nightlife of Old Strathcona due to its proximity and central location.

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The boundaries of Ritchie are Whyte Avenue on the north, the east side where it touches the Mill Creek Ravine, the south side of 72 Avenue and the west boundary runs along 101 and 102 Street. The location benefits from having good access to the University of Alberta, going along Whyte Avenue and 99 Street provides a quick and easy route to the downtown core.


The Ritchie Community League was established back in 1922 which is located at 98 Street and 77 Avenue. There is an ice rink as well as two tennis courts that open up for people to play freely in the warmer months. The land area of Ritchie is 1.25 km2 (0.48 miles2) and in the City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census had a population 4,194 housed in 2,561 dwellings.


There are three schools in Ritchie. Escuela Mill Creek is an elementary International Spanish Academy and is operated by the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB). The school was built in 1946 and a replacement building completed in 2018. It benefits from being eco-friendly and hosts many solar panels to generate a lot of their used energy. École Joseph-Moreau is a French Catholic junior high school and is operated by the Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. 2. The school although opening way back in 1913 as Ritchie Junior High School and operated by the EPSB, has had many extensions in the last half of the 20th century. The old building has been subsequently knocked down, making way for a new $15 million building that is said to house around 500 students. The last school is a small outreach program that is run by the EPSB and helps high school students.


The community is made of some multi family homes, older bungalows and is the poster child for densification and gentrification. A lot of the older houses have been torn down to make way for infill houses. Mixing duplex builds with 2000 plus square feet detached single family homes. The age demographic is getting younger and if you take a drive through this community you will see infill housing of differing ages, as well as stacked duplex housing, as well as side by side semi detached dwellings.


One of the main draws in Ritchie is the boutique shops. Farrow Sandwiches is always busy so expect a line up at peak hours. Another busy shop located in Ritchie at 96 Street and 76 Avenue is Kind Ice Cream. This store is also a main draw for Ritchie and even has line ups in the cold of winter. Ritchie Market is a newer building that has had great success in this community and is located at 96th Street and 76th Avenue (4 corners). It houses one of the highest rated gastro pubs in town, Biera. There is also Acme in the building, which is a butchers selling the finest cuts and quality meats. Transcend is also another success story that houses one of its coffeeshops in the Ritchie Market. Finally, Duchess Bakery has its sister shop, Little Duchess Bake Shop serving everyone’s favourite cake and pastry.


This is a perfect community for people who want the pleasantries of being in a central location, that seems to be away from everything when one walks through the Mill Creek Ravine. Benefiting from excellent schooling, great access to the University of Alberta, the downtown core and the airport being close to the southside of Calgary Trail, this could be the community that offers a lot of pros for your next move. So whether you are looking for an investment home, a family home or an apartment, this community has a little bit of everything. Be it a newer infill or an older bungalow, a newer apartment or older apartment, the community of Ritchie can offer it all when it comes to your residential housing needs.

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