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Sakaw is one of several residential neighbourhoods located in the Mill Woods area of south Edmonton. It forms part of the Mill Woods community of Millhurst. The name is derived from the Cree word meaning “wooded area”.

The Millhurst Community League, established in 1979, represents the community and maintains a community hall and rink. It is located at 58 Street and 19A Avenue.

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Housing and Development

According to records, residential construction occurred in the 1970s and 1980s in the neighbourhood. Approximately half (44.7%) of the homes in the community were constructed between 1971 and 1980. Just under half (46.2%) were built between 1981 and 1990. Most of the remaining residences were finished after 1990.

Single family homes account for seven out of ten (70%) of the residences in Sakaw according to the 2005 municipal census. Townhouses are the next most common style of home accounting for one out of six (16%) of the total residential units in the community, and duplex style houses are recorded at one out of twelve (8%) of the total dwellings. Rented apartment buildings made up of less than seven storeys account for one in twenty (5%) of residential units in the neighbourhood. Owner occupied units account for three out of four (75%) residences and the remainder (25%) are rented.


Sakaw is home to one school that is operated by the Edmonton Public School System, and is an elementary school named Sakaw Elementary School.


Sakaw calls its boundaries 66 Street on the west, Mill Woods South Road to the north, 50 Street on the east, and Anthony Henday Drive by the south.


Sakaw had a recorded population of 4,113 living in 1,408 dwelling according to the City of Edmonton’s 2012 municipal census. This was a drop of 1.9% in comparison to its population of 4,194 recorded in 2019. The land area measures 1.11km2 (0.43 miles2) in Sakaw, making its 2012 population density of 3,705.4 people/km.

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