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Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city and Canada’s “Gateway to the North”, has a rich history of trading, transportation, oil, and gas pipelines. Today, it has become a thriving, vibrant city, with a population second only to Calgary in Alberta.
Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city and Canada’s “Gateway to the North”, has a rich history of trading, transportation, oil, and gas pipelines. Today, it has become a thriving, vibrant city, with a population second only to Calgary in Alberta.

West Edmonton is popular with homebuyers and investors who want a more suburban, community-based feel plus easy access to downtown. Apart from being the site of north America’s largest shopping mall, it offers a swathe of new development and amenities for residents.

Ready to discover houses for sale in West Edmonton? Whether you want a detached home, a condo, a townhouse, or an apartment, there are multiple real estate listings to fit a wide spectrum of needs and budgets. In the sections below, we’ll take a closer look at West Edmonton to help guide you toward the perfect property.

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About Houses for Sale in West Edmonton

Much of West Edmonton consists of single-family, detached homes. Depending on the neighborhood, there are also plenty of condos, townhouses, and apartments available. Average house prices in Edmonton are currently $382,791, with an average selling time of 40 days.

Houses for Sale West Edmonton – The Community

West Edmonton, affectionately called “The West End,” sits only minutes away from the city center, yet provides all the amenities and benefits of metropolitan living without the noise and congestion of downtown.

The district is filled with green spaces and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect choice to raise a family or for working professionals who want an easy commute into the city. See below for a few of our favorite neighborhoods to consider when looking for houses for sale in West Edmonton.


Crestwood is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in West Edmonton, featuring expansive lots and diverse real estate. The neighborhood overlooks the North Saskatchewan River Valley and between two ravines: the MacKinnon Ravine to the north, and the MacKenzie Ravine to the south. Houses for sale in Crestwood consist largely of older, updated homes and newer construction.


Although Glenora is an older neighborhood, with most single-family home development ending in the 1970s, you’ll find luxurious historical and modern homes throughout its tree-lined streets. Recent development has brought high-rise apartments and condos to the area, making Glenora a great fit for a range of real estate buyers and investors. It is a highly walkable community, with a profusion of restaurants, parks, four schools, and even a few breweries.

Laurier Heights

Laurier Heights is a residential neighborhood largely constructed after World War II. Most homes were built between 1946 and 1960, which means most properties for sale are single-family homes. It is home to the Edmonton Valley Zoo, which holds over 350 species of animals and organizes frequent family-friendly events and activities. This quiet neighborhood has smooth links to downtown Edmonton, as well as outdoor areas like Laurier Park and Buena Vista Park.


One of West Edmonton’s larger neighborhoods, Parkview boasts scenic views of the river valley, streets lined with mature trees, and a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere. Though many homes were built in the 1950s, Parkview is quickly becoming a popular area for development, bringing plenty of newer builds to the community. Houses for sale in the neighborhood typically consist of ranch and split-level homes, cottages, and bungalows.

Houses for Sale West Edmonton – Prices

Every neighborhood in West Edmonton comes with its own distinctive appeal and amenities, which together determine average prices. If you’re looking for a detached house, a split house, or a ranch-level house, homes in West Edmonton typically cost $300,000 to $400,000. Of course, luxury or newer homes (such as those found in Crestwood or Glenora) can come with a much higher price tag, while condos may start around $150,000.

How to Find Houses for Sale in West Edmonton

Finding houses for sale in West Edmonton means partnering with an expert realtor. The Clubhouse Group will utilize our in-depth knowledge to ensure you get the best home for you. We bring a deep understanding of the West Edmonton area and real estate market to deploy a detailed, step-by-step process to ensure your home-buying process is a seamless one.

Use our listing search tool to discover our online listings and save your favourites. You can also reach out to Clubhouse Group directly and schedule a consultation to learn more about West Edmonton real estate and how we can help guide you to the home of your dreams.

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